Forty-Second Statement

Burhan and Hemedti are war criminals and must be held accountable and prosecuted instead of waiting for solutions from their sinful hands, stained with the blood of our people. 

A-: Before proposing any solutions to extricate the country from its current catastrophes and horrors, it is imperative to recognise the ground we stand on and objectively and consciously examine the reality… Initiating solutions must be immediate and urgent, as the situation cannot bear delay; it is deteriorating from bad to worse… Swords are drawn against a people decimated by disease, where medicine is scarce, and the specter of dying from hunger looms on the horizon.

– Firstly, the Rapid Support Forces continue unabated in their folly, persisting in their vile aggression against the peaceful villages of Al-Jazira through murder, looting, flogging, and forced displacement, now standing at the gates of Al-Manaqil city.

– Secondly, what the Rapid Support Forces commit in terms of violations and crimes in the cities and villages of Al-Jazira represents a systematic and organised repetition of their past crimes in the Darfur region, particularly in West Darfur State.

– Thirdly, the Sudanese Army and the Rapid Support Forces share goals and purposes, both being institutions against which a major peaceful revolution erupted, toppling their corrupt, armed rule that exploited religion for political purposes for thirty years… Thus, avenging the Sudanese people, killing the revolutionaries, humiliating them, annihilating the revolution, and proving that the might of arms is what grants legitimacy, are objectives that unite the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese Army… It’s important to remember and highlight that their plan ultimately aims, as revealed by militia leader Minnawi in his infamous speech, at displacing the Sudanese people and driving them from their homes in an upcoming war that will force the inhabitants of Khartoumto flee and live in tents in Al-Butana and Kababish desert.

– Fourthly, it is therefore unsurprising that the Sudanese Army stood by, watching the violations by the Rapid Support Forces, unable to fulfil its duty to protect the people… More so, the Army has collaborated and conspired with the Rapid Support Forces in their crimes, as happened in Madani by withdrawing from the battlefield to enable the Rapid Support Forces to carry out their violations smoothly… After the Rapid Support Forces completed their crimes, the Army returned with its aircraft to continue the assault on unarmed civilians. This conspiratorial tactic by the Army was implemented in the Triangular Capital Kartoum and many cities and villages in Al-Jazira, in addition to the Army’s calls for mobilisation and arming the public, laying the groundwork for igniting a civil war that contaminates all and makes unarmed citizens participants in bloodshed, thus mixing the guilty with the innocent and spreading chaos, thereby covering up the crimes of the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese Army.

– Fifthly, the liquidation of the revolution began with the negotiations between the Forces of Freedom and Change and the Military Council just a few days after the revolution’s victory in April 2019… These negotiations concluded by granting legitimacy to the Military Council, completing the tragedy with the Janjaweed leader Hemedti signing the political agreement and the constitutional document, thereby making the military component, against which the revolution had risen, a partner and even a leader in the governance of the revolution. This partnership occurred despite the military component’s involvement in the massacre during the sit-in dispersal and other violations.

– Sixthly, through the Juba Peace Agreement, the Rapid Support Forces managed to include the leaders of armed militias in the Sovereignty and Ministers councils, thus making these armed groups partners in the revolution, further blurring the distinct features of the eternal peace revolution in preparation for its complete and final liquidation.

– Seventhly, the complete liquidation of the revolution was executed through a military coup on October 25, 2021, planned and carried out by the Army, the Rapid Support Forces, and the leaders of the armed militias.

– Eighthly, the military was surprised to find that the spark of the revolution had not been extinguished; rather, the revolution returned more mature, stronger, and more formidable, filling the streets and alleys with revolutionary processions… In response to this revolutionary momentum, the Army and the Rapid Support Forces resorted to violence, dispersing peaceful demonstrations with live ammunition, killing revolutionaries anew each morning… However, all this violence proved futile, forcing the Janjaweed leader to apologize, not realizing that treason and the killing of innocents are crimes that admit no excuse nor allow for intercession.

– Ninthly, the Army and the Rapid Support Forces, with assistance from their foreign allies, were forced to resort to deception, attempting to fool the revolutionaries with their claim of ending the military coup under the framework agreement, hoping to return to the transitional period without facing accountability and punishment for their atrocious crimes… However, the deceit of the framework agreement did not deceive the astuteness of the revolutionaries.

– Tenthly, nothing remains for the Army, the Rapid Support Forces, and the leaders of the armed militias but to eliminate the revolutionaries and kill the unarmed Sudanese people, thus igniting the April 2023 war against the unarmed Sudanese people… The war continued for a full year under the international community’s silence except for timid calls and condemnations that neither nourish nor satisfy hunger. Amid this orchestrated and planned war, the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) resumed the liquidation of the revolution by kidnapping the opposition under a pseudonym, the Civil Forces Coordination (Taqqadum), led by former Prime Minister Hamadook… Taqqadum initiated its activities in Addis Ababa by joining hands with the Janjaweed leader Hemedti, whose hands are stained with the blood of our people, following his sudden return from a long, unexplained, and unjustifiable absence… Hemeti’s image was polished by being received with red carpets in the capitals of many African countries, and then his political incubator (Taqqadum) signed a new agreement, claiming it would sign another agreement with the Army… By this act, they return to the transitional period without accountability for war crimes and other violations, except for a promise of transitional justice where the judge is the criminal and the arbiter is the adversary.

-B- This is the reality laid out in ten points… So, what is the solution? And what should every individual among the unarmed citizens who ignited the eternal peace revolution and who are victims of the military’s violations do? These revolutionaries are the silent majority of women and men… They are also the third block, the peace block… What can each individual among them do, both inside and outside Sudan?

– If we understand well that the Rapid Support Forces and the Army are enemies of the people and are one team that carries weapons and believes in violence… A single team united by one goal, which is to quash the revolution and kill the unarmed citizens who ignited the revolution, then the solution becomes clear, easy, and direct: (Every city and village should take up its just cause by itself, which can be done by gathering every village and city in spherical groups where every victim explains the harm inflicted upon them by the armed forces of the Rapid Support Forces, the Army, and the militias… Residents of each city and village, both inside and outside Sudan, should participate in forming these groups.)

– These online platforms will crowd the global media space with voice and image, and the world will hear for the first time the case of an oppressed people defending their existence and freedom.

– With determination and perseverance for a few days, global public opinion will shift, and the free people everywhere will stand with the just cause of the Sudanese people.

– In a few days, a group for each city can be formed from its neighbourhoods and suburbs, from the villages around it, thus laying the foundation for the revolution of united Sudanese cities guided by peace and fundamental rights.

After that, the cause of each city will be coordinated into a single cause, the cause of the Sudanese people, and the Center for Interpretation Studies is ready to contribute to this coordination in a single body that defends freedom, peace, and justice… By this act, the Sudanese cause transforms from a national issue and a struggle over power and wealth into a humanitarian issue of concern to all humanity and carried by every individual of the human family.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and a small candle will defeat the profound darkness of the night… Peace is not made by those who carry weapons but by the peaceful, unarmed people of peace, and God speaks the truth, and He guides the way.

Bbadreldin Yousif Elsimat
Center on Ta’weel Studies
March 3rd, 2024.

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