The Centre on Taweel Studies

The Centre on Taweel Studies was established in Montreal on 26 May 2014 as a Non-Governmental, Not-for-Profit Independent organisation.



To create a radical and unprecedented revolution in human thought through the Taweel of the Quran in the present moment. The Taweel of the Quran is a term, inherent in the Quran, that paves the way ، from moment to moment, to understand the subtleties of the Quran, the eternal principles of existence and the one truth, beyond words and dogmas.



Co-operate by all means to create free human beings. With the increase of the number of free individuals the world peace, prosperity, love and harmony will be realized.



  • To encourage the research and study on the human self and its relationship with society and the universe, while liberating the spirit from all forms of conditioning, fear, and sorrow.
  • To explain and elaborate the essence and universal content of all religions in order to understand and resolve the complexities of the symbolism of the sacred texts, with a particular emphasis on the Taweel of the Quran.
  • To contribute to an environment which promotes world peace, while condemning propaganda that justifies and encourages war.
  • To promote and defend fundamental human rights and gender equality and condemn the various forms of racial and religious discrimination.
  • Encourage dialogue against religious extremism in order to contribute to an environment free from violence where every individual can express his/her opinion in an objective manner.
  • Promote and protect the natural environment and contribute in the combat of pollution.
  • Study and review human history in a way that goes into the roots of human civilization, languages and cultures.  



  • Writing, publishing and translation of books, essays, articles etc..
  • Discussion forums.
  • Workshops.
  • Seminars.
  • Audiovisual materials.